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To make an appointment for one of our trips , or to just get information, or .....

If you like to design your own birding or photo expedition please make use of our years of experience. We know where to find the most beautiful spots or that one rare birdspecie you want to add to your list. 

Also when you like to compose your own roundtrip with locations you realy want to see, we love to help you.

At Kinteh Tours it's all about what you want ... and almost everything is possible.


our desk at the pool

You can contact us by email and phone or visit us at our office.

  Mail us   info@kintehtours.com


call us00220 7785492


Office you can visit us at the birdwatchers-office next to the entranche of the Senegambia Hotel in Kololi.


Its possible that when we are on a trip you cannot reach our phone very easy. So email is always a safe method to contact us.  Give us a day or two to reply.