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Adama KintehGambia is one of the richest countries in terms of natural habitats for birds. That’s why these habitats like mangrove swamps, savannahs, forests, wetlands, bush and coastal areas support more than 500 different bird species. A real paradise for the first-time and experienced Birdwatcher.
At Kinteh Tours you will be guided by one of the most experienced female guides in The Gambia, Adama Kinteh.
Kinteh Tours has a wide range of trips to offer to people who want to visit this beautiful West-African country.
The trips we offer are:
  • Birdwatching trips, Fishing trips, Safaris, Roundtrips and River Cruise.
  • visits to Monkey parks, Markets and schools, Cooking lessons of Gambian dishes, etc.
  • visits to Historical sites, e.g. Kachikally and Juffureh.

 and in addition, we also offer many services like Airport picking and hotel bookings.

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