On the next pages you will find an impression of possible trips you can make at Kinteh Tours. The contents of these trips are not definite, you can change whatever you like. Do you want to see special places and skip others? No problem, Kinteh Tours is here for you, we will make you happy!

At the Adventure page you will find some suggestions of trips that are appealing when you like adventure, want to do or see adventurous things, drive around and explore places. See the hot locations.

At the Cultural page you will find the suggestions of trips when you are more interested in the history, culture, traditions and the people of the Gambia. Feel how we lived, live and do our daily routines. 

And ofcourse on the Birdwatchers page for the novice and experienced birdwatchers some suggestions where to go to find the more than 500 birdspecies of the Gambia. Ofcource we know a lot about where, when and how to find those especially rare species, so do not hessitate to contact us for special trips.